Credit card insurance: what does that mean exactly?

Why take out credit card insurance? A credit card or credit card is a handy payment method, especially if you are abroad or you regularly make a purchase at internet stores. But with a credit card you can also take out insurance. This protects you against a lot of suffering and losses. But have you also read the fine print?

Apply for credit card insurance

You will probably think, why do I have to take out extra insurance on a credit card now? Am I not already covered enough? It is true that in many cases you can reclaim money when you pay with a credit card.

Such as the cancellation of a trip for example. But the disadvantage here is that not every insurance policy is the same. You will therefore have to read the fine print very carefully and check which advantages you enjoy in which circumstances. And we mean in particular the exclusion conditions for which you are ultimately not covered.

The same losses or damages are covered for both credit cards

Nevertheless, the price of this insurance with the ‘Belfius Mastercards Platinum’ is more than twice as cheap as the ‘American Express Platinum credit card’. The cheapest insurance that we found is the Visa Gold’ insurance. This only costs you 30 euros a year. The only thing not included here is the ‘roadside assistance’. For those who travel a lot by plane, I think this is an ideal protection for suffering and damage before, during and after the trip.

Of course, the costs of the Credit Card itself must also be charged because these costs also vary from credit card to credit card. Inclusion and exclusion criteria are also used for the domed parts such as accidental damage. 

Conclusion credit card insurance

The above example is limited to the consumer’s most requested coverage. Often there are other inclusion criteria such as entrance and concert tickets, damage to rental cars and much more. Only one conclusion can be drawn. Compare, read and take out the insurance that suits you best. Do you not understand what is contained in the contracts? Then ask the broker and preferably 2 different ones.

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