3 False Beliefs About Finance

Often the biggest obstacle to people saving and making investments is myth. We suppose more that we are educated. In 2017, we can say that finance has domesticated and no need to have a university education to understand the basics. Without even consulting the warnings and advice of the Autorité des marchés financiers, many are turning their backs on investment.

Personally, with 32 years of media baggage and 20 years of financial experience, I never think that financial markets have been so well regulated to adequately protect large and small investors.


3 stubborn myths about financial investments

The actions, it is not concrete. Unlike brick, there is nothing tangible about it

Each holder of a fund or individual share gets more info than necessary. EVERYTHING is just a click away to verify the accuracy of the information provided during the subscription. If for example, you buy APPLE shares you have become one of the owners of the company. Computers, phones, tablets, watches, buildings, equipment, accounts receivable … and stores is all concrete. You will even receive notice of the shareholders’ meetings by mail and the right to vote. In addition to seeing the value of your units fluctuate, you will regularly receive a portion of the profits in the form of dividends.


You have to be very lucky to make money with your investments

In truth, it takes patience to make a profit. Luck is accessory. Smartly buy your stocks and funds, keep them for years and you will not be disappointed. For example, the one who bought $ 10,000 worth of CGI shares in 2006 now has $ 36,000 in his portfolio. And the one who bought $ 10,000 worth of units from Fidelity’s Canadian Large Cap Fund in 1988 now has $ 136,000 in his pocket.


Make investments, it costs too much in fees.

Never in the country, prices have been so low. Computer advances will reduce them further. There are financial products with highly variable prices and uneven quality. There are cheap products and great products, rather expensive. Prices range from 0.10% to 2.5%. In order to find what you want, you must be well informed or well advised.


Tips for smart investing

  • Time is your ally
  • Your emotional and impulsive reactions are your enemies
  • Never stop educating yourself financially
  • Beware of trendy products and insistent sellers
  • If you’re short on time and knowledge, hire a trusted advisor

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